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Kitchen Humor And A Few Good Recipes

Contributed by: Cajun Clark

Ol' mon Caj receives some great email from his valued subscribers. Some times asking a question, other times relating a story. The following is from friend Troy, Burbank, California, who has also written an excellent free e-book Real Estate Secrets Exposed, which you'll find a link to at Now that you know a little bit about Troy here's the story:

One morning a few days before Easter da ol' mon receives and email stating that Troy was going to the family dinner and he was expected to bring a side dish. Hey, no problem. Try either one of these, they're easy to make and taste good you'll get raves.

'No Caj, don't think so. What else do you have?' Troy replies.

Geez, Troy, you have Caj's Big Cookbook, take a look.

'Can't Caj, I'm too busy selling real estate. My plate's full. Besides it's at home and I'm at work,' Troy says as he hedges.

Okay, Troy, here's a neat, easy to make recipe from 1911. Caj is also sure that you'll make up a story about how far back in time you had to go to find some thing that was worthy of all those family and friends attending Easter dinner.

German Carrots

Put into a sauce pan one tablespoon of butter and one small onion cut fine; fry, stirring constantly until brown, then add four carrots that have been washed and cut in fine pieces; add one teaspoon sugar, a pinch of salt, let simmer gently until tender. Then add one-quarter cup of cream and one teaspoon minced parsley. (Can be served mixed with fresh or canned Peas.)

What follows is Troy's after-the-fact report he sent to da ol' mon:

Alright so I got all the ingredients ready. Everything had its separate little plate. 2 teaspoons of sugar on one plate, 2 teaspoons parsley on another plate. I am just organized like that and besides, that is how they do it on those cooking shows.

So everything is ready to go. But first I have to call my sister Robyn, 'What is a sauce pan?'

Then I start cutting the onion. Oops, that was my thumb. No worries, that should heal soon.

Then the voices start going in my head. 'Hey Troy, remember to wash and peel the carrots. Don't be ridiculous, of course I will do that.'

Several minutes later I have realized that I have split all the carrots and have gotten two-thirds of the way through cutting up the carrots into little pieces when I realize that I have not peeled the carrots. Oh well, maybe no one will notice.

Another call to my sister, 'What do they mean by simmer?'

Another call to Robyn, 'But do I put a lid over it? Oh, and do not tell everyone to say that they like the carrots even if they have to force themselves to eat them.'

'Why would I do that?' she asks.

'Because I know you well enough to know that you would.'

'Right, well I have actually only told one person so I will not do it anymore' Robyn assures her brother.

So now I have some carrots and stuff simmering in one pot and peas simmering in another pot. I figure, why waste the gas and just combine them and let them simmer together? Well, as you already know, it caused the peas to get squished and mushy with the occasional stirring. Lesson learned.

Any way, people said that the carrots were good and Leslie (Troy's wife) said that the house smelled great when she got home.

And no one said anything about the carrots not being peeled.


Tears were running down da ol' mon's cheeks, and he nearly fell off his chair after reading of Troy's cooking escapades. Fact is, it was almost like deja vu, because Caj had the same experience when he attempted to make Sloppy Joe's for the first time, and he called his mother for help.

Hello, Mom, I'm making Sloppy Joe's. How long do you cook 'em?

'Until they're done,' Mom replied.

Even though the conversation continued for a few minutes, that was her answer and she was sticking to it!

Oh yeah, da ol' mon replied to Troy thusly: Thanks for the story, Troy, I needed a good laugh. Remember this: the more you practice the better you'll get. I would, however, seriously suggest that you don't quit your day job. <grin> Caj

Okay, switching subjects, here are some recipes from Caj's friends aka valued subscribers:

Friend Bob Jackson, Shreveport, Louisiana, sends his original recipe:

Jackson Special Birthday Hamburgers

Make large thin patties of ground beef, as large as a saucer.

On top of one patty add thinly sliced red onion, sliced raw mushrooms, some bleu cheese crumbled up, and a bit of shredded mozzarella.

Then you take another patty and put it on top, seal the edges a bit, and make sure you have the biggest buns you can find to put 'em on. Barbecue with a bit of mesquite for added flavor.

Don't forget to tell your guests to bring an appetite.

Rhonda Fleming, Kanata, Ottawa, Ontario, Caj's Canada Connection, sent an excellent recipe for us oyster lovers:

  • Oysters Parmesan
  • 48 oysters
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • parmesan cheese
  • chicken broth
  • bread crumbs
  • parsley

Preheat oven to 400 (F).

In skillet, heat broth and oil add bread crumbs and garlic, stir and cook about 3 minutes. Add parsley. Grease your baking dish and spread 2/3 of the bread crumbs in dish. Add oysters. Mix parmesan cheese with remaining bread crumbs and scatter over top of oysters. Bake 10 minutes. Serve immediately.

Caj's Note: Nope, Rhonda didn't give any measurements. Guess you'll just have to use the touchy-feely method to cook this mouth-watering dish.

Well, that's about it folks, time to call this recipe done. Have a good one, and Bon Appetit! -- Caj

Cajun Clark's Selected Freebies
Cajun Clark's monster 659-page eCookbook is no longer available. His second cookbook in the series, with nearly 500 recipes is Sweet & Sassy! You can grab a copy of Cajun Clark's Selected Freebies at



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