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No Meat!

Contributed by: Kathy Thompson

Can you get along without eating meat? Well, here are 7 excellent reasons for not eating meat.

Vegetarianism has many benefits not only to your health, but the economy and environment.

1. Vegetarians require only half as much LAND to produce food. Meat production requires twice as much land to produce the same amount of useable protein.

2. Ten times more cereals and 100 times more vegetables can be grown in the SAME TIME it takes to produce edible meat.

3. Meat is ADDICTIVE. Staying away from meat in your diet is very helpful, basically because meat is a toxic stimulant which becomes putrefied in your system. Like alcohol, tobacco, or coffee, meat will give you a lift or a "high." And like all stimulants, you always want more. You can become addicted.

Cereals, fruits, and vegetables slowly mold and ferment, but meat (along with fish and eggs), become putrefied quickly.

4. Meat is nothing but SECOND HAND PROTEIN with fat, which contains uric acids. Too much fat built up in the system can produce hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis and other diseases of the blood.

5. HEALTH REASONS Cancer is practically unknown in vegetarian groups. Too much uric acid over burdens the liver and kidneys, leaving the body susceptible to diseases like; arthritis, rheumatism, epilepsy, headaches, or nervous conditions.

Since our systems really weren't meant for meat, the price we pay for this dietary indulgence includes constipation-and even early death.

This is because our digestive systems were not meant to handle toxic meat. Vegetarians digest their food by fermentation, which decompose food by enzymatic action with the formation of gas. We chew our food by moving our jaws from side to side. Carnivores can't do this. Carnivores have short bowels. They expel food quickly because meat is toxic. On a vegetarian diet, the stools are longer, well-formed, soft and don't have an unpleasant odor.

By switching your diet to vegetables and cereals, you can prove how good the changes can make you feel and look.

6. RELIGION Of course, another reason for becoming a vegetarian is that since we don't have the power to restore life, we have no right to take it.

7. And meat it more expensive.

As with any diet change, it is important to have a physical check up and supplement your diet with appropriate vitamins to be sure you get the protein you need - without getting the toxicity of meat.

Kathy Thompson, is a wellness coach, with over 25 years of researching nutrition and fitness. For help cleaning up your diet and losing weight, Contact Kathy at; or changing your attitude towards food, check out



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