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Picnic Ice Cream

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(NC) - Whether you're hosting a burger night, dinner party or picnic, beverages in Tetra Pak packaging are a convenient way to keep juice and other beverages on hand. With no need for refrigeration, beverages in Tetra Pak packages are ideal additions to drink recipes and sauces to complement your barbeque fare. This juicy recipe created by home economist and author of "Lick the Spoon!", Mairlyn Smith, makes every meal easy and nutritious!

  • Freeze enough 250 mL chocolate shakes in Tetra Pak packaging and pack in the cooler so everyone at your picnic gets a treat.
  • Cut off tops of partially thawed shakes and eat your picnic ice cream out of the Tetra Pak package.


The shakes double as a cold source to keep your picnic foods cool.

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