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Mini Fajita Bites

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The Allure of Blue

(NC) - When it comes to corn, you don't necessarily think of a field with cobs of blue, but this versatile crop, typically depicted in buttery yellows, is also available in other eye-popping hues like blue, red and white.

Mini Fajita Bites
One of the oldest types of North American maize, blue corn has been used in traditional Mexican dishes for several centuries, and fields of blue corn are abundant in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. Blue corn has a coarser, grainier consistency than yellow or white corn, which results in a sweeter, nuttier flavour. Typically, blue corn is ground into various flours or meals and can be found on the grocery shelves in products like corn chips, muffins, pancakes and even breakfast cereals.

Made from real blue corn, Tostitos Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, have no artificial colour, offering Canadians an exciting alternative to traditional snack foods and is sure to draw attention - and eaters - at any social gathering where it's served.

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  • Fajita seasoning
  • Diced chicken or beef
  • 2 tbsp diced green chilies, canned
  • 5 tbsp Tostitos Con Queso1 jar Tostitos Salsa, to garnish (about 1/4 tsp per tortilla chip)
  • 1 bag Tostitos Blue Corn Tortilla Chips


Heat chicken or beef until warmed throughout. Place in a heat proof mixing bowl. Sautee, over high heat, fajita vegetables in the same non-stick pan to warm (about 2 minutes). Add vegetables to beef or chicken in mixing bowl. Add green chilies and Tostitos Queso to mixture and evenly combine all ingredients. Scoop warm fajita mixture onto Tostitos Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and top with 1/4 tsp Tostitos Salsa. Serve immediately.

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