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Make Your New Year's Resolutions Successful

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(NC) - Each year Canadians resolve to make the New Year better than the last with a list of resolutions. Start the year off right by using the following tips to help ensure your New Year's resolutions last long after the ball has dropped.

Make Your New Year*s Resolutions Successful
Be realistic. Set goals that are realistic to obtain. For larger resolutions, try separating them into smaller, more manageable goals you are more likely to achieve. Use small, gradual steps to ensure success over the long term.

Have a plan. Help keep your goals in sight by creating a step-by-step plan. If you're resolving to get back on track and manage your weight, try kick-starting your year with a plan, such as the Special K Challenge that encourages eating low fat foods, such as Special K cereals and bars, and including regular exercise into your daily routine.

Make it a part of your everyday. A simple way to achieve your resolutions is by incorporating them as part of each and every day. Succeeding is easy once the steps to achieving your goals are part of your daily life. "Adding exercise to your daily routine will help boost your energy levels, thereby helping you to look and feel better", says Eva Redpath, fitness expert and personal trainer. "Try living a more active lifestyle by going for a romantic walk each night after dinner or by building a snowman in the backyard with your family."

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