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EatingWell In Season

Contributed by: Jessie Price & Dr. Preston Maring of EatingWell in Season

If you rejoice when the first asparagus comes into season, relish a tree-ripened peach straight from the farmersí market and look forward to making fallís squash soups, then this may be the best cookbook you will ever use.

EatingWell In Season
Packed with easy, fast and delicious recipes, EatingWell in Season is a must-have guide for anyone who loves seasonal foods. All recipes are tested multiple times in the EatingWell Test Kitchen by the same people who bring you EatingWell Magazine. All the recipes use simple, easy-to-find ingredients and most take 45 minutes or less.

On top of that, they are all healthy. So healthy that Dr. Preston Maring, the associate physician-in-chief at Kaiserís Oakland Medical Center, near San Francisco, recommends these recipes and this book to his patients. As he says, "Iíve even written a prescription for an arugula salad."

His story is paired with 150 new recipes from EatingWellís Test Kitchen. Organized by season, the recipes celebrate farm-fresh ingredients, such as Grilled Steak & Escarole with Tomato Vinaigrette and Blueberry Tart with Walnut Crust. Also included in the book:

  • Tips on how to freeze, preserve and find other ways to store bumper crops.

  • Techniques for roasting peppers, peeling mangoes and other ways to prepare your farm finds.

  • Cool tools, from herb savers to cherry pitters, to help you prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Nutrition tips highlight the health benefits of dozens of fruits and vegetables.

  • Americaís top five farmersí markets.

Plus, you will meet some of the innovative farmers who are passionate about their specialty crops, learn how to plant a kitchen garden and find out when you should buy organic. About the Authors

Jessie Price is the food editor for EatingWell Media Group and directs all food stories for EatingWell Magazine. She has worked on five other EatingWell books, including, most recently, Comfort Foods Made Healthy, EatingWell for a Healthy Heart and Healthy in a Hurry. She lives in Charlotte, Vermont, where she stays busy growing her own vegetables.

Dr. Preston Maring, the associate physician-in-chief at Kaiser Permanenteís Oakland (CA) Medical Center, is a crusader for local, healthy food and a national advocate for the small family farm. In May 2003, Dr. Maring founded one of the first hospital-based farmersí markets at the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center. It was embraced by the community, and now Kaiser Permanente has 30 farmersí markets in four states and the District of Columbia. Thanks to Dr. Maringís persistence, local produce is also now a part of in-patient meals at 19 hospitals. For years, Dr. Maring has circulated a recipe of the week - inspired by his wanderings through farmersí market - to thousands of co-workers and patients.

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