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Jumpin Juice Boxes

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Kids Get Creative with Tetra Pak Cartons.

(NC) -- Searching for creative ways to keep your kids busy over the summer holidays? Tetra Pak Carton Craft has come to the rescue! Your kids will keep active with these innovative toys and models, made from Tetra Pak cartons - like empty juice boxes - and some imagination.

Whether stuck indoors on a rainy day or outside in the sandbox, your kids can build trucks, sailboats or even a fortress with the recyclable juice boxes. Decorated with buttons, ribbon or spare fabric, Carton Craft projects are suitable for children ages 3-11 with varying skill levels and are a fun way to develop their creativity.

Make a Boat!

Make a Truck!

Make a Fortress!

To receive your own FREE Tetra Pak Carton Craft booklet, write to:

Tetra Pak Carton Craft
1075 Bay Street, Suite 810
Toronto, ON M5S 2B1

The booklet contains colourful illustrations and easy to follow instructions.

Tetra Pak Canada, which is based in Markham, Ontario, provides processing and packaging to liquid food and cheese manufacturers. In Canada, the company is best known for its popular Tetra Brik aseptic "juice box" carton, which is safe, convenient and environmentally sound.

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