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How to Make Exciting Meals in a Pinch

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(NUI) - If you're looking for new and interesting cooking recipes with a distinct flavor, try cooking with spirits such as Pernod - spirit anise.

For 200 years, the French have enjoyed Pernod as a before dinner drink, in cocktails and in cooking. Pernod has a distinct licorice flavor, with herbs such as anise, fennel, parsley, chamomile and coriander, and is believed to stimulate one's appetite.

"Although Pernod is somewhat of a secret to many Americans, chefs everywhere have discovered the liqueur as a flavorful cooking ingredient," said Susan Bocanski, brand manager. "Pernod is versatile and easy to use, and can be used in almost any type of cuisine."

Made with herbs, Pernod has a natural flavor which complements seafood, vegetables, meats and poultry. Some exciting cooking recipe ideas are available in a free brochure, "Pernod, French for Flavor."

The brochure contains cooking tips and recipes for a seafood meal. For a quick appetizer, try Crab Toasts. They can be made easily with either fresh or canned crabmeat and are served on baguette bread.

As an appetizer, Pernod makes a great marinade and topping in a recipe, Shrimp With Pernod Mayonnaise. As a main course, a simple fish steak, such as halibut, salmon or cod steak, is enhanced with a shallot butter sauce flavored with Pernod.

Pernod adds pizzazz to hot or cold vegetable or fish-based soups, sauces or salad dressings. Even desserts can be made with Pernod, such as a fruit salad marinated with sugar and cinnamon; or flame sauteed apples. For a simple dessert, we suggest you serve ice cream with a splash of Pernod.

"For centuries, Pernod has been used as everything from a digestif to a love potion. Today, the spirit has become a popular ingredient in the kitchens of both professional chefs and amateur cooks," said Bocanski.

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