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Crunchy French Toast

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Five Whole Grain Dishes That Taste Great

by Mindy Hermann, R.D.

(NAPSA) - Looking to broaden your whole grain recipe repertoire? Here are a few suggestions from the team in the Betty Crocker Kitchens, which recently published a relevant new cookbook titled "Betty Crocker Whole Grains: Easy Everyday Recipes."

    Crunchy French Toast
    Betty Crocker Whole Grains: Easy Everyday Recipes
  1. Bruschetta - Top lightly toasted whole wheat pita with fat-free hummus, chopped basil and tomatoes, chopped garlic, and lower-fat shredded cheese, and bake at 350! or microwave until hot and cheese is melted.
  2. Gorp (trail mix) - Mix together whole grain cereal, pretzels, fat-free caramel corn, roasted soybeans, dried cranberries and chocolate chips.
  3. Stew - Add pearled barley to your favorite stew recipe.
  4. Tacos - Fill whole wheat or corn tortillas with grilled fish, black beans, diced tomato, shredded lower-fat cheese and chopped cilantro.
  5. French toast - Add crunch with Total cereal; see recipe below.


  • 2 1/2 cups Whole Grain Total cereal or Total Honey Clusters cereal
  • 2 eggs or 1/2 cup fat-free egg product
  • 3/4 cup orange juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 10 slices (1-inch thick) whole grain or regular French bread


Place cereal in food-storage plastic bag; seal bag and crush with rolling pin or meat mallet. Place crushed cereal in shallow bowl; set aside. In medium bowl, beat eggs, orange juice and salt with wire whisk until well blended.

Spray griddle or 12-inch skillet with cooking spray; heat to 350!F or over medium heat. Dip each slice of bread into egg mixture, turning to coat both sides; coat with cereal. Place on griddle; cook 4 to 6 minutes, turning once, until golden brown on both sides.

Mindy Hermann, M.B.A., R.D., is a nutrition writer for women's, health and fitness magazines. She is the co-author of "Change One" and the American Medical Association's "Family Health Cookbook."

Serving Size: Makes 5 Servings (2 Slices Each)

Nutritional Information: Per Serving: Calories 410 (Calories from Fat 70); Total Fat 7g (Saturated Fat 1.5g); Cholesterol 85mg; Sodium 870mg; Potassium 440mg; Total Carbohydrate 72g (Dietary Fiber 9g); Protein 15g

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