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Dreading summer?

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(NC) - Dr. Michael Murray, co-author of the new book Hunger Free Forever from Atria Publishing, says, "Don't change your life - change your appetite. Imagine how much weight you could lose if you didn't crave those sweet and salty, fatty snacks? What if you felt full after eating a small, healthy meal? And what if you could make it through the day without sneaking snacks? These are the reasons we developed PGX."

Hunger Free Forever
An expert in appetite control and natural health solutions, Dr. Murray refers to a scientifically tested soluble fibre blend called PolyGlycopleX or PGX ( Taken before or with a meal, PGX expands in the digestive system slowing the digestion of food and helping to reset the body's metabolism. The fullness factor makes you satisfied with less food and helps stop cravings. The slowing of digestion helps your body burn more fat and handle insulin more efficiently to prevent or improve blood sugar disorders.

The pages of a Hunger Free Forever contain the research behind this new supplement, and a program for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. This may be the help you need for a slimmer summer.

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