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Instant Appetizers

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(NAPSA) - For entertaining purposes, cheese and crackers remains a classic combo. But are your crackers up to the task? If you're serving a spreadable cheese, your guests might be in for a classic crumble.

One of the reasons that cheese and crackers is so popular is that there's little prep work involved-always a plus for busy hosts. Having a variety of cheeses on hand can be fun, especially if you throw in a few adventurous choices such as sheep and goat cheeses (your lactose-intolerant guests will certainly appreciate the effort).

Instant Appetizers

In addition, having a few other ingredients on hand can make quick preparation a snap. Suggested items to keep in stock include pepperoni, green olives, grape tomatoes, dill and frozen shrimp. Meanwhile, a thin, crunchy pretzel cracker, such as Pretzel Crisps from The Snack Factory, can be a great base for a variety of tasty appetizers.

These crispy treats are great with dips and spreads, and they come in a variety of flavors, such as Original, Everything and Garlic, to complement whatever you serve.

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