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Rescue Your Kitchen This Season

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Eliminate What's Lurking In Your Home's Hub

(NAPSA) - The kitchen is the major hub of activity in many homes-where families gather to cook, eat, and do homework, and where houseguests assemble to mingle. Coincidentally, it's also a breeding ground for bacteria and unappetizing smells when not regularly tended to. In the spirit of cleaning season fever, pay attention to the nooks and crannies of your kitchen, where the nitty-gritty breathes a life of its own.

Rescue Your Kitchen This Season
Laura Dellutri, aka the "Healthy Housekeeper," offers time-saving tips from her Rescue My Kitchen Code Red Checklist for maintaining a cleaner, more guest-friendly kitchen and eliminating the gunk that lurks within less-visible-but odor-prone-areas such as appliances.

  • Refrigerator Cleaning: It's easy to replenish the refrigerator but it takes some effort to give it a good cleaning. Remove food and spray a multisurface anti-bacterial cleaner over the entire refrigerator interior; let it sit for five minutes. Check dates and toss out expired foods, and wipe all jars and surfaces with a damp cloth.

  • Dishwasher Cleaning: Many consumers fall for the common myth that dishwashers clean themselves during the wash cycle. Dellutri recommends using Dishwasher Magic(r) to fight the hard-water deposits, rust and food that can build up inside the dishwasher and impede performance. It's the only dishwasher cleaner that disinfects while it cleans, killing 99.999 percent of E. coli and salmonella.

  • Garbage Disposer Cleaning: Lemons may seem like a fix for odors, but they are not effective at removing waste buildup that can linger and cause odors to return. Dellutri recommends Disposer Care(r), which cleans disposers in less than a minute and removes 99 percent of the grunge and grime that cause odor-even cleaning underneath the hard-to-reach splash guard.

  • Kitchen Blind Cleaning: Kitchen blinds can be a magnet for grease buildup from the stove. Consider an ultrasonic blind cleaner who will come to the home, take down the blinds, clean and reinstall them for a nominal charge.

If disgustingly dirty, colossally cluttered or pathetically pungent describes your eating area, be sure to enter Dishwasher Magic's Rescue My Kitchen(tm) Contest. Laura Dellutri will spend a day with one lucky winner to help him or her attack what lurks in the kitchen(tm). In addition to the Rescue My Kitchen makeover, the winner will receive a full set of brand-new GE CleanSteel(tm) kitchen appliances and cleaning products. Visit to enter.

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