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Nutritional Snacking

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At last, a munch that packs nutritional punch

(NC) - Satisfying a snack attack doesn't have to be a 10 a.m. grab for a doughnut. There are healthier choices available. In fact, health professionals point out that our bodies may be geared towards six or seven smaller meals or snacks a day, instead of the three square meals we're used to. Snacking is good provided the snacks are good nutrition. A recent Ipsos Reid survey suggests the majority of Canadians (71 per cent) say they are looking for snacks offering multiple nutritional benefits. It's in our choice of snacks that we often go astray.

Nutrutional Snacking
So what makes a good snack? It should be portable and require little preparation. It should conform to Canada's Food Guide's recommendations for servings from the various food groups. And, of course, it should be tasty. A perfect choice is something like a whole grain, high fibre granola bar.

"I encourage people to switch to multi-nutritional snacks like good quality granola bars," says registered dietitian Pierrette Buklis. "Snacks like Nature Valley's new FibreSource bar are low in fat, 130 calories or less and contain Omega-3, an essential nutrient that most people don't get enough of."

Mary Stone, an administrator and mother of two, is also a fan of this kind of granola bar. "My kids seem to want to eat constantly," she says, "and I'm very conscious of making healthy choices for their snacks. If I'm picking them up from school, taking them to music lessons or on a trip, I try to make sure that I have some fruit and granola bars on hand, something the whole family can enjoy. The bars are like a mini-meal away from home, and I like the fact that it's made with 100% whole grains."

New Year's Resolution In A Snack

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