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L&P British Blitz

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(NC) - This signature drink was developed by Gavin MacMillan, one of Canada's top bar chefs and Director of Operations at BartenderOne, a hospitality training centre. Delight guests with this classic cocktail paired so nicely with any beef dish. It is a combo everyone will love and it is red... perfect for the holiday season!

L&P British Blitz
Single Serving:

Rim a highball glass with coarse salt; Add ice, 4 dashes Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, 2 dashes Tabasco, salt and pepper; Pour 1 1/2 oz. Beefeater Lime Gin and 5 oz. tomato juice; Garnish with a lime and celery

Pair with:

Flank steak with HP Sauce

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