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Fire Prevention In The Kitchen

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(NC) - According to the Office of the Fire Marshall, cooking is the number one cause of fires in the home. With Fire Safety Month approaching, the team at Canadian Tire has put together these tips to help families cook smart and stay safe.

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  • Do not leave pots and pans unattended and use oven mitts when removing pots and pans from the stove.

  • Take extra care when cooking with oil and grease and ensure you have a lid or spare cooking sheet nearby to cover a pan should the grease or oil catch fire. Do not move the pan as it can spread the fire but use the cooking sheet or lid to smother the flames.

  • Keep your cooking surfaces and broilers clean to prevent splattered food from igniting.

  • When broiling use a pan beneath the broiler to catch any fat drippings.

  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher nearby and that all family members know how to properly use it.

  • Overcook or burn your food and set off an alarm? Do not remove the batteries! While it may seem harmless at the time, it can turn into a deadly mistake. Instead purchase a smoke alarm with a hush feature that enables you to temporarily 'hush' the nuisance alarms but ensures that it is still activated should a real fire start.

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