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Great Tasting Snack Ideas

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(NAPSI) - Creating nutritious snacks for children may seem more like child's play if you try these delicious and easy snacks for anytime.

These recipes, from Sodexho Marriott Services chef Steve Cooney, are fun to make, good-tasting and nutritious. By involving children in the preparation of these simple snacks, parents can teach them about the importance of good nutrition.

Grape Poppers:

Wash grapes and freeze in plastic sandwich bags. Store for up to three months. Serve directly from freezer.

Banana Stix:

Peel and halve ripe bananas. Insert popsicle stick into one end and freeze. When frozen, dip into melted semi-sweet chocolate or warm honey. Return to freezer for no more than three or four days. Roll in frozen fruit slices, low-fat peanut butter or nuts before serving.


Puree fresh fruit in blender and sweeten to taste. Pour into three-ounce paper cups and freeze. Before fully frozen, insert popsicle sticks.

Ice-Cream Sandwiches:

Prepare any flavor pudding as directed, but substitute low-fat peanut butter for milk. When thick, spread thin layer on a graham cracker, top with another cracker and freeze.

Fruit Pizza:

Heat pizza crust, then top with one cup low-fat cream cheese and 2 cups of assorted fresh fruit. Slice like pizza and serve.

Fruit Smoothies:

Allow your child to select fruits and puree in blender with crushed ice. Sweeten to taste and serve.

Fruit Kabobs:

Have your child select different fresh fruit. Cut fruit and low-fat cheese into cubes and serve on kabob sticks.

Banana Chips:

Slice 4 bananas and dip in 1 cup of lemon juice. Spread on cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 2 to 3 hours.

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