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Kids Easter Fun

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Easter is just around the corner and with it comes a long weekend. The extra day off can be a terrific time to spend some quality time with your kids but the question is, what to do with them that you both will enjoy.

Kids Easter Fun
Cooking is one idea which not only is fun for all involved and teaches your children a valuable skill they will keep with them always but gives you a tasty outcome for your efforts. A toy Easy-Bake Oven is one way for them to make their own food in a fun and simple way.

Try this cute little bunny cake just in time for Easter:

Easter Bunny

  • 2 Easy-Bake Yellow Cake Mixes
  • 1 canister white frosting
  • White and Pink construction paper
  • Coconut
  • Various candies; for decoration

Bake and cool two Easy-Bake Oven Yellow Cake mixes by following the instructions on the package.

Stack and frost the cakes with white frosting.

Cover the cake with coconut.

Cut bunny ears out of paper.

Make nose using gumdrops.

Use hard candy for the eyes and nose.

Licorice makes great whiskers and gumdrops for the teeth.

When you are finished enjoying this delicious cake, check out our Easter Fun Pack. Double their enjoyment, it is as entertaining as coloring eggs, going on an Easter Egg Hunt or waking up to find their Easter Basket!

A wonderful gift, the Pack is filled with 30 pages of fun activities and will solve the 'I don't have anything to do' blues.

Here's the Table of Contents:

  • Easter Games & Activities
  • Craft Ideas
  • Step by Step Face Painting Photos & Instructions to turn your child into a cute little Bunny
  • Coloring Fun and Printable Activity Sheets (print them over and over)

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