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Give Your Heart The Right Start

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(NC) - About one-third of Canadian adults don't eat breakfast every day. But a balanced breakfast doesn't have to be fancy. Aim for a breakfast that includes foods from at least three of the four groups. Go easy on the fat and calories, and look for ways to boost the fibre.

Give Your Heart The Right Start
Try some of these heart healthy breakfast ideas from Becel ( that take only a few minutes to make.

  • Whole grain cereal topped with low-fat milk and fresh fruit.
  • Last night's chicken and veggie stir fry on rice.
  • Whole wheat toast with margarine, melon slices and a glass of skim milk.
  • Low-fat bran muffin with peanut butter and a glass of soy milk.
  • Low-fat cheese, rye crackers and grapes.
  • Cold slice of pizza and orange juice.
  • Low-fat yogurt topped with granola and diced fruit.
  • Half a flaxseed bagel with melted low-fat cheese and an apple.
  • Low-fat granola bar, banana and a glass of low-fat milk.
  • Low-fat fruit yogurt smoothie (make it the night before) and a handful of trail mix.

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