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Ask the Expert With Sandi Richard

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My family loves stir-fry but is getting a little bored with the same flavour. What can I do to spice up the meal?

The great thing about stir-fry is it never has to be the same. Try varying the ingredients - using shrimp instead of chicken and varying the vegetables that you use. Also, you can try adding a new sauce to the mix. I love VH sauces. Families love the taste and the ingredients are great.

Sandi Richard
I love chicken grilled on the barbeque but I'm tired of BBQ sauce. Any suggestions?

Great question. I only use barbeque sauce occasionally. I love changing up flavours by alternating other sauces. Try Thai, Sweet & Sour or Honey-Garlic.

I am looking for a multipurpose sauce that I can use for different meals. Can you suggest something?

VH Teriyaki can be used on fish, ribs, in stir-fries and is great in vegetarian dishes. For more great ways to sauce up your everyday meals with VH, stop by the local grocery store to pick up a Be Saucy! recipe booklet or visit

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