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Busy Families Re-Discover the Pleasure of the Dinner Hour

Contributed by: Christine Steendahl of Dine Without Whine

Moses Lake, WA - A new menu planning service helps families eliminate the dinner hour stress.

As busy parents struggle to balance work responsibilities, children’s schedules and family time; often healthy home cooked meals are replaced with frequent fast food restaurant visits. Yet, with childhood obesity and adult health problems on the rise, many parents are left scrambling for ways to quickly and easily provide a nutritious alternative.

Dine Without Whine - A Family Friendly Weekly Menu Plan
A Harvard University study of 16,000 nine-year-olds found that those who ate dinner at home with their parents regularly are more likely to have higher intakes of essential nutrients and vitamins. The same study underscored the fact that even in families where the mothers worked, a family dinner is possible.

Dine Without Whine, a new weekly menu planning service, seeks to help families reconvene around the dinner table. Each week members receive, via e-mail, a detailed menu with simple family friendly recipes that busy parents can easily prepare; and picky family members will generally enjoy.

Every issue includes: daily dinner recipe’s with side dish recommendations, two brunch recipe’s and two dessert recipe’s. Also included is a detailed grocery shopping list that is organized by aisle to make weekly shopping trips a breeze.

Melanie Weltin, a Dine Without Whine subscriber, from Charleston, SC says "Dinner time for our family of five used to be very stressful for me. It seemed we were always in a food rut - eating the same meals, over and over again; or spending too much money eating out. Dine Without Whine has been a life-saver for our family. Not only are we saving money every week, but I know the trips to McDonald's that we've cut out mean healthier eating too. We have all enjoyed the variety of recipes. Not only are they delicious, but they don't require a master chef to prepare."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average American family spends more than $2000 per year on dinners away from home, and that 10 percent of those dinners come from McDonald’s. More than half of the dinners eaten by overweight children are consumed in front of the television.

Daily family meal time around the dining room table is quickly turning into a past-time in many homes. U.S. House Representative Jo Ann Emerson states " The family dinner is disappearing from our culture, and we are the worse for it. As a social construct, family meals promote conversation, the sharing of ideas, and a sense of belonging. Especially for a busy modern family, much good can come from a meal together. With a little advance planning, the family dinner can become something to look forward to as a break from the helter-skelter of hectic daily life."

Christine Steendahl, publisher of Dine Without Whine, concludes "I am just an ordinary mom, with a passion to help other families save time, money and enjoy quality time together. Dine Without Whine strives to help families eliminate the dinner hour stress and re-discover the pleasure of the dinner hour."

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