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Survival Tips For Perfect Picnics

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(NC) - A sunny summer day. A plaid blanket. A wicker basket brimming with your favourite foods. Sound like the perfect picnic? Sound like something you don't have time to prepare, let alone enjoy? Think again. With a few survival tips, some simple recipes and good company, picnics can be an easy way to add a bit of pleasure to any day of the week.

Survival Tips For Perfect Picnics
Location, Location, Location

You don't have to leave the city to enjoy a summer picnic. Look around and you'll discover all kinds of hidden picnic settings.

  • Backyard Banquet: Pick a pretty spot in your backyard and lay down an old quilt.

  • Water Power: When you can't get to the beach, visit the nearest body of water-a reservoir, a stream, or even a fountain next to a skyscraper-and put down a towel on the softest space available.

  • Mom's Quiet Time: Few things beat a quiet lunch alone with a good book or magazine. Pick out a serene spot on the grounds of your local library, art gallery, museum or city parkette.

Picnicker Survival Tips

  • Take a blanket, old quilt or towel to sit on.

  • Keep a couple of 1-litre plastic bottles of water or juice in your freezer to use in your picnic cooler. When they thaw, you'll have ice-cold drinks.

  • Bring along a roll of paper towels instead of napkins. They're cheaper, more absorbent, and won't blow away in the wind.

  • Collect take-out food condiments in a resealable bag and toss the bag in the hamper.

  • Pack moist towelettes for sticky fingers and extra bags for leftovers.

  • If you carry a picnic cooler, keep it as full as possible-your food will stay cold longer that way.

  • Pack food in your cooler in the opposite order that you will use it.

Picnic Perfect Food

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