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Create The World's Coolest Frozen Pop

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(NAPSA) - For kids who've developed a taste for science, here's a fun avenue to explore: the science of taste. The flavor of just about every prepackaged food and drink, from ketchup to soda to frozen pops, was developed in a laboratory. And that's where new flavors come from, too.

Create The World's Coolest Frozen Pop
But not every new food idea comes from a technician in a white lab coat. Sometimes the greatest taste crazes come from everyday people with inventive imaginations. Kids, especially, are known for their creativity with flavorful food.

And now, thanks to a popular contest, pint-sized scientists can even see their cool creations put into production, simply by exercising their imaginations and coming up with a new frozen novelty flavor.

Nestle Ice Cream is inviting kids throughout the U.S. to try out to be a "Flavorologist for a Day" by dreaming up new ideas for the world's coolest frozen pop. The winners will enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to visit the top-secret flavor lab at the Nestle Ice Cream factory in Southern California, where they'll have a chance to sample one of the tastiest jobs in America. Last year's winners were up to the challenge with ideas that included PB&J Pop, Hip Hop Butterscotch, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, Caramel Apple Carnival Pop and Strawberry Lime Slime.

Contestants must be residents of the United States and between 6 and 12 years old. Kids can enter at or mail to Flavorologist for a Day, Nestle Ice Cream, 5929 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618 by July 28, 2006. Ten winners will be selected based on the creativity, originality, enthusiasm and appeal of their entries. Each will get a trip to California, a $500 U.S. Savings Bond and a year's supply of Nestle frozen snacks.

Submissions should include:

  1. An idea for the world's coolest frozen pop (including a clever name and a unique flavor).
  2. A "flavorful" resume, explaining why they are qualified for the position.

Youngsters interested in entering may care to consider a few tips:

  1. Think about the foods and flavors you love. Many times these will be loved by others, too. Combinations of flavors are very popular. Check out the produce, juice, cereal and dessert aisles of the grocery store for ideas. Also, think about favorite recipes your family makes. Ask your family and friends what they like and, once you have some ideas, run them by people you know to get their reactions.
  2. Look in cookbooks for frozen pop recipes to give you an idea about ingredient amounts and ways to combine ingredients.
  3. Practice making your creation so you can actually taste the end result. You'll be surprised at what works and what doesn't.

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