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10 Rush Hour Strategies For Today's Active Mom

Contributed by: NAPSA

by Brook Noel, a.k.a. The Rush Hour Cook

10 Rush Hour Strategies For Today's Active Mom
(NAPSA) - Keep it quick and simple. That's good advice when school gets in gear. Here are some of my favorite tips for saving time and keeping things running smoothly.

Conquer Morning Madness

  1. Satisfying Smoothies: What else is healthy, quick and tastes like a milkshake? For my 10 favorite smoothie recipes, visit

  2. Create a Cubby Command Center: Give each family member a cubby and hook for hanging coats, keys and backpacks. Keep these cubbies within reach of the little ones so nothing lands on the floor. Place a dry erase board and color markers in the cubby corner so family members can track commitments.

Time Management Tips for Mom

  1. Create a Daily Action List: Let's face it-we'll never get everything done on our to-do lists. Identify and complete three "Power To-Do's" each day.

  2. Mom's Inbox: Make an inbox for children to place permission slips, notes and other information for mom. This teaches responsibility while saving you the "backpack search."

Schooling Survival Tips

  1. Homework Helpers: Today's kids are often learning information that we are unfamiliar with. Some great Internet sources for homework help include www.bri and www.askjee

  2. Don't Be a Stranger: Take a moment to go to school and introduce yourself to your child's teacher. When a parent and teacher work together, the results benefit the child.

Food and Family Tips

  1. Family Favorite Collection: Providing family members with easy access to favorite recipes helps avoid costly and unhealthy fast food. Keep your family's favorite recipes in a folder for easy reference.

  2. Appliance Reliance: The biggest helpers in your kitchen can be your appliances. Look for appliances that fit your family's needs. For instance, the Whirl-pool(r) g2 microven(tm) SpeedCook appliance has a no-brainer kid's menu with preprogrammed menu items such as chicken nuggets, pizza and hot dogs.

  3. Heat up Healthy Alternatives: Teach your children how to prepare healthy snacks and dinners in your microwave. Simple and nutritious recipes can be prepared for less than frozen dinners. Log on to sammy.htm for my 10-year-old's tips and recipes.

  4. Throw a Snack Together: For a healthy after-school boost, toss pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, coconut, granola and some chocolate chips into a plastic bag and shake.

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