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Adding Lemon To Fresh Vegetables Makes For Microwave Magic

Contributed by: NAPSA

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(NAPSA)-Adding a little lemon can make a big difference when it comes to heightening flavor and lowering calorie content.

Lemon works especially well when vegetables are microwaved. Microwaving fresh vegetables is a fast way to provide flavor-rich veggies with just the right texture. To add extra flavor and zest to your vegetables, you can also microwave some tempting fresh lemon sauces. Fresh lemons are low-calorie with only five calories per tablespoon of juice and are very low in sodium. They are fat- and cholesterol-free and are high in vitamin C. You may enjoy a squeeze or two of fresh juice to perk up your vegetables. However, if you prefer a zesty lemon herbed sauce, here are some quickie ideas you can do in the microwave.

Lemons can also be warmed up in the microwave to free up the juice. Microwave at High setting (100 percent) power one small lemon for 15 to 30 seconds or one large lemon about 45 secon$s. Cut in half crosswise and squeeze out juice on hand or electric juicer. Or, roll a lemon which is at room temperature on the counter top with the palm of your hand and then juice.

To enjoy the varied flavors, textures and nutritional goodness of many fresh vegetables, just cook until crispy tender and add a touch of fresh lemon. Keeping it simple can make it easier to get some of those five fruits and vegetables you need each day for better health.

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