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Cook'n Lite and Healthy

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As more and more people turn to a healthier, fitter lifestyle, they also want foods that are not only low-cal but also low-fuss. Cook'n Lite and Healthy offers sound and healthy menu items for families on the go.

Cook'n Lite and Healthy
If you've taken a look at grocery store labels and their contents lately, you'll notice there's a whole lot more in the food we've been eating. While they make our food more palatable, fats, sugars, and salts all contribute to a higher calorie count. The result? Eating patterns that are less effective and maybe even harmful to our bodies.

So, whether you're trying to combat calorie intake, are on a restricted diet, trying to make a switch in your family's cuisine, or are just naturally a healthy eater, the Cook'n Lite and Healthy CD is just for you.

  • Includes 206 Lite and Healthy recipes
  • Complete nutritional analysis functionality
  • Search thousands of recipes in the entire cookbook in seconds
  • Adjust recipe serving sizes automatically
  • Organize your own receipes
  • Print your recipes on decorative 3x5 cards
  • Create weekly menus
  • Make grocery shopping lists
  • Analyze the nutritional value of your recipes.

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