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Cranberry Sauce

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Holiday 101: Creating Memorable Meals

(NAPSA) - Whether you're hosting your first holiday get-together or your first one in a long time, there's no need to be nervous. It doesn't take a gourmet cook to host a great holiday event. Just a few tips from the experts:
Cranberry Sauce

  • How Much Turkey - When selecting a turkey, allow at least 3/4 of a pound to one pound of turkey per person.

  • Turkey And The Thaw - Always thaw a turkey in the refrigerator. Allow three to four days for a 12-pound turkey to thaw.

  • Know When It's Done - Be sure the turkey you choose either has a Pop-Up(r) Timer in it or that you have another type of temperature indicator device.

  • How Long To Cook The Bird - A 12-pound turkey will take about three hours to cook (unstuffed) in a 350 F oven.

  • Carving Time - After removing the turkey from the oven, let it "rest" for about 20 minutes before carving.

  • Expert Advice - The above tips and others are included on a DVD called "Holiday 101: Creating a Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner."

The 15-minute DVD is meant to be an easy reference guide for someone who has never prepared a turkey before or for people who need to brush up on their turkey skills. It includes a variety of recipes for side dishes-including stuffing-as well as tips on making the perfect turkey; a complete shopping and equipment list; and ideas on decorating and garnishing for the big day. It also offers the following recipe for cranberry sauce.

Stir in juice and zest (the orange part of the peel) of one orange or 2 teaspoons vanilla extract or 2 tablespoons raspberry jam into 1 can whole berry cranberry sauce. Serve warm, room temperature or chilled.

For more information, and to order the DVD, write to Holiday 101, P.O. Box 711, Grant Park, IL 60940 or visit

Serving Size: Makes 6 Servings

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