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Dishing Up New Ice Cream Serving Suggestions

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(NAPSA) - Here are some at-home serving suggestions with unique ways to excite the taste buds of ice cream aficionados.

    Dishing Up New Ice Cream Serving Suggestions

  • Cereal Ice Cream Bars

    Combine your favorite cereal with your favorite ice cream. Line an eight- or nine inch pan with wax paper, layer cereal evenly over the bottom of the pan and spread an even layer of ice cream over the cereal. Finally, cover the top of the ice cream with another layer of cereal, freeze, cut into squares and serve.

  • Palate Cleanser

    Consider serving ice cream before or between courses at your next dinner party. Choose flavors that are refreshing and crisp. Wasabi Ginger might be the perfect addition to a Japanese-themed party, while lemon or tangerine sorbets make excellent palate cleansers with all types of cuisine.

  • Cookie Sandwich

    Think outside the box when creating an ice cream cookie. Use oatmeal cookies with oatmeal ice cream or sweet cream ice cream with apple pie crust or apple pie filling to build your sandwich.

Here's a cool fact. Any way you serve it, ice cream is among America's favorite desserts-and the number of ways you can serve it are pretty much limited only by your imagination.

Today, ice cream lovers not only have an array of flavor choices but can sample ice cream richly mixed with such indulgent ingredients as fruits, nuts and candies.

Some ice cream shops make the ice cream fresh in the store each day, with some stores actually mixing ice cream together with other ingredients on a frozen granite stone.

These original tips come from Ray Karam, Tastemaster for Cold Stone Creamery.

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