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Healthy Peanuts

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(NC) - Summer eating is all about fuss-free, fresh foods - and peanuts fit the bill perfectly. As an ideal snack while enjoying the outdoors, peanuts are a convenient and portable source of fuel. They also make a light, flavourful and protein-rich addition to a fresh summer salad.

"Peanuts have always been a powerhouse of nutrition, but many of us are just beginning to crack the peanut myths," says dietitian Sue Mah. "There's a perception that they're high in fat, but the fact is they contain high proportions of monounsaturated fat, which is actually good for us."

The little peanut is gaining popularity. Here's why:

  • Just like other legumes, peanuts can be considered a low glycemic index food - which means they may be beneficial in controlling blood glucose levels.

  • One ounce of peanuts contains nearly half of the 13 vitamins and mineral necessary for the body's growth, including folate, vitamin E, zinc and selenium.

  • Each 30 gram serving of peanuts contains 2.4 grams of dietary fibre.

  • Research indicates that many of the minerals found in peanuts may protect against coronary heart disease.

  • Eating nuts and peanuts may lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes in women.

  • Peanuts contain reservatrol - the same antioxidant in red wine that has been linked to the "French Paradox": a low incidence of heart disease despite a high-fat diet.

In a nutshell - fuel up on peanuts and peanut butter this summer for an easy, flavourful and nutritious source of energy.

*The Peanut Bureau of Canada is the Canadian information office of the American Peanut Council

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