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Cool Watermelon Creations

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Don't tell the kids it's good for them (NC) - Only the best Mom or Dad in the world would allow their kids unlimited popsicles and sno cones - and what kid wouldn't love them for it? Just make sure they don't know that these frozen treats are low in fat and are a good source of vitamins. How can this be? Watermelon!

Cool Watermelon Creations
A great treat anytime of the year, watermelons (per 150 g serving) are a good source of vitamins C, thiamine, vitamin B6, and a source of vitamin A, pantothenic acid, magnesium and potassium. Naturally low in fat and sodium it is also cholesterol free and is an easy way to help get kids to eat the daily 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by Canada's Guide to Healthy Eating.

"Being 92 percent water, watermelon is a great hydrator for active kids in the warmer months," says Leslie Coleman, Director of Communications for the National Watermelon Promotion Board. "When served as a snack it is a great way to inspire healthy eating habits."

So how do you become the best parent ever? For a Watermelon Popsicle simply chunk up some fresh fruit, add it to a watermelon puree, pour into Popsicle mold and freeze.

Or for a sweet, cool Watermelon Sno Cone, scoop large balls from a watermelon, freeze, then roll in low-fat vanilla yogurt and sweeten with shaved coconut. Place in a sno cone cup and let the chill run through you.

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