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How does one eat all those fruits and vegetables?

Contributed by: News Canada

By J. Caroline Carroll

(NC) - The Canada Food Guide recommends a minimum of five to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. That's a lot to remember, and a lot to eat. Studies confirm that even though we say we know this, many of us are doing no better than just one serving a day.

How does one eat all those fruits and vegetables?
"Did you know that eight out 10 top causes of disease in North America today are directly related to inadequate nutrition?" says Michele Sevier, an authority in nutritional and botanical medicines and director of education for Canadian retailer, Nutrition House.

"Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients required for the development and maintenance of healthy cells throughout our bodies. Green leafy vegetables and berries in particular, help to naturally increase energy levels, boost immunity, aid digestion, balance blood sugar, increase mental awareness, and support the overall health of the blood and circulation."

If the current pace of life leaves you concerned about getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables, there is an easy way to take the guesswork out of it. Drop in to a Nutrition House store for a copy of their complimentary Nutritional Foundation Program Guide, a simple four-part system that ensures our daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, antioxidants and high quality protein - the core components for optimal nutrition.

"With just four products for all age groups - Multi-Vitamin Extra, Greens Extra, 3򉼵 Omega Extra, and Whey Extra or Soy Extra for protein - you eliminate guesswork with food and supplement choices," Sevier explained. "The Greens Extra for example, is unique among greens formulations. It contains an NRG8 blend of alfalfa leaf, barley grass, Hawaiian spirulina, wheat grass, Japanese chlorella, green papaya juice, stevia and green tea. These are the best-known natural sources to promote the development and maintenance of healthy cells, and also to reduce fatigue and stress, boost immunity, and promote healthy blood and circulation. Many people opt for the Greens Extra VeryBerry on the program, a greens formulation with the added antioxidant power of 1,500 mg of a 'veryberry blend' in every serving."

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