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Rise And Shine - It's Breakfast Time

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(NC) - The alarm goes off and it's time to get the day started. To get the energy level up and the mind sharp, most of us kick off our day with breakfast. Whether it's a leisurely morning meal or just grabbing something on-the-go, it's easier than ever before to make that first meal a healthy one - including essential nutrients, such as omega-3, that most Canadians are not getting enough of.

Rise And Shine - It's Breakfast Time
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you choose a balanced morning meal, including omega-3," says Gina Sunderland, Registered Dietitian. "Omega-3 is vital for good health, growth and development and until recently, it has been difficult to incorporate into our diets because food options were so limited and restrictive. With so many new and delicious omega-3 food options in the dairy case, it's easier than ever to start reaping the health benefits of omega-3."

Mornings on-the-go

Many of us wake up to a morning rush and opt for a quick and easy breakfast, but it's important to make these choices nutritious. Yogourt and fruit are great on-the-go, but an easy switch to a tasty omega-3 yogourt, such as ASTRO BioBest Omega 3 Yogourt, gives your morning meal an extra health kick. If your appetite calls for a bagel, try topping it off with Lactantia Healthy Attitude Omega 3 Margarine or a slice of Black Diamond DHA Omega 3 Natural cheese and you'll be on your way to a nutritional day.

Breakfast is elementary

Before the young ones hit the books, make sure they have the energy and nutrients needed for the day ahead. Cereal with milk is a popular kid-friendly option, but boosting it with omega-3 milk, such as Beatrice, will really help them make the grade.

Brunch is served

When the weekend rolls around the morning meal is still key. Take time to prepare family favorites like pancakes or French toast. Simply add syrup and margarine containing omega-3 for a delicious and nutritious morning feast. Or, if the weekend is a time to get up and go, a fresh fruit smoothie made with omega-3 yogourt and milk will start your day off right.

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