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Tips To Help Dieters Join The Party

Contributed by: NAPSA

by Jorge Cruise

(NAPSA) - A good diet strategy should cut calories, not fun. But many dieters skip out on parties and cookouts to avoid the fattening fare that might be served. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to have your cake and eat it, too. You can go to social events and you can make smart food choices while there. Try these tips:

Tips To Help Dieters Join The Party
Cook Out Calories

If barbecues conjure images of cheeseburgers and butter-drizzled corn, change the dial to avert a diet disaster. Instead, select one of these leaner and lighter options:

  • 1 hamburger with 1/2 bun and pasta salad

  • 3 ribs, corn and green salad with low-fat dressing

  • Grilled chicken without skin, grilled veggies and fruit salad

  • Reduced-fat hot dog, green salad with a squeeze of lemon and a small roll

  • Turkey burger (patty only), French fries and a Caesar salad with lemon for dressing.

Also, consider bringing your own tasty, healthy dish that showcases some of the season's fresh produce. Internet sites such as AOL Food offer a great selection of eat-smart recipes.

Wedding Weight

While the happy couple says "I do," you can say "I won't" when it comes to overeating at wedding receptions. Consider these alternatives to fattening wedding fare:

  • Fish, rice and vegetables

  • Chicken, pasta and salad

  • Scallops with broccoli salad

  • Omelet with spinach, tomatoes and potatoes

  • Sliced roast beef, potato and green salad.

Party Pounds

Banish the baked Brie and pass on the pate at the next cocktail party. Try these alternatives:

  • Bruschetta

  • Fresh veggies and low-cal dip

  • Grilled chicken skewers

  • Sushi

  • Turkey wrap rolls

  • Shrimp with cocktail sauce

  • Cheese and crackers

  • Miniquiche.

3-Hour Diet
Don't forget to hydrate during all those fetes and feasts. Not only does your body need at least eight glasses of water a day, but drinking water will actually make you feel more full.

  • Mr. Cruise is the author of the "3-Hour Diet" book. He also serves as AOL's Better Life Diet Coach and is dedicated to offering members advice, encouragement and exercise moves to help keep them healthy and fit.

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