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Add Holiday Sparkle With Pomegranates

(NAPSA) - A fruit known for its anti-oxidant properties-the pomegranate-may also be a welcome addition to your holiday decorations thanks to its bright color.

Everyday Pom
Displaying pomegranates in a simple bowl can make a stylish, seasonal table decoration. Here's how:


  • 1 white pedestal bowl, 18" diameter, 10" high
  • 1 12" clear plastic bag
  • 1 green pipe cleaner, or large twist tie
  • 10-14 6" wood picks
  • 1 3" x 5" piece of green Styrofoam(r)


  • 3 POM Wonderful Pomegranates
  • 4 small green pears (Forelle pears shown)
  • 1 bag cranberries

Fresh Greens

  • 1 6" ivy plant
  • 4 clumps mood moss

Place the piece of green Styrofoam(r) in the center of the pedestal bowl.

Remove the pot from the ivy plant and decrease the size of the root ball by carefully removing at least half of the soil. (Be careful not to rip or damage the roots.)

Wrap the remaining root ball and soil in the plastic bag. Secure bag at the base of the plant using the pipe cleaner or twist tie.

Remove the excess plastic bag with a pair of scissors.

Nestle the plastic-covered root ball to one side of the pedestal container and let the vines flow freely over the right side.

Add clumps of mood moss to conceal the root ball and Styrofoam.(r)

Insert wood picks into the bases of the pomegranates and pears. Trim the picks if necessary to create different levels when inserting them into the foam.

Sprinkle the cranberries loosely in the bowl to create more interest on the surface of the container and complete the design.

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