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Holiday Entertaining Made Simple

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(NC) - Hosting a holiday party doesn't have to mean hours and hours of food preparation before the event. With these great appliances, you can have your guests cook for themselves!

Cuisinart Fondue Maker
With the Cuisinart Fondue Maker, you can plan for a savory dish with cheese or broth in the cooking pot and meats and veggies on skewers. Or you can use it for delectable desserts, by heating up a peppered dark chocolate or white chocolate fondue and serving it with fruits, or other great dippers. The versatility of this fondue maker does not stop here; you can also put oil in the fondue maker and have guests cook their own appetizers

Looking for a new dinner party idea? Get out the Raclette, add a variety of colourful veggies, meats and cheeses and let the party begin! This versatile appliance allows your guests to grill their own meals. With eight non-stick dishes, each guest can cook and eat the foods they like. It makes for a relaxing, hassle free party with very few dishes to clean later!

The Raclette cooking surface can also be flipped to the griddle side and used for holiday brunches - to make eggs, pancakes, or even crepes. It is an interactive way of cooking that guests will love.

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