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My Favorite Diet Book isn't a Diet Book

Contributed by: Jonni Good

Just mention the word "diet," and I feel picked on. The word implies deprivation, doing without, saying "no" to all the good stuff. That's why I'm so excited about a new cookbook I found that wasn't anywhere near the diet books in the local bookstore.

Good & Garlicky, Thick & Hearty, Soul-Satisfying More-Than-Minestrone Italian Soup Cookbook
The title is Good & Garlicky, Thick & Hearty, Soul-Satisfying More-Than-Minestrone Italian Soup Cookbook by Joseph J. Famularo. The title itself is a tasty mouthful.

What's so great about this cookbook? Especially for those of us who need to watch our calories? For one thing, this book fits beautifully with some of the best-researched and healthiest diets. The heart-healthy Mediterranean diet comes to mind, of course, with all it's garlic and olive oil. In addition Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live, calls for lots of beans for healthy weight loss. This book has lots of beans, in rich, herb-filled soups that can fill you up with just one satisfying bowl. And for the Omega 3 fats that help your immune system (and that help you feel full so you eat less), you will find fish soups that the whole family will love.

I have to admit that a few of the best recipes in the book do need to be changed somewhat to lower the fat content. My absolute favorite recipe, Baked Pork and Bean Soup with Herbs (tofeja), is still amazingly flavorful even in a low- fat version.

Need another reason to put this book on your shelf? Almost all of the recipes are inexpensive. The flavor comes from herbs, garlic, onions and other yummy ingredients that don't empty your pocketbook. One of the most common comments that I receive from my readers is that "diet food" is so expensive. Not this food - it's good for you, easy to prepare, full of variety and flavor, but doesn't cost much.

Read through the stories that accompany each recipe, and then get into your kitchen to cook up a pot of hot, soul- satisfying Italian soup.

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