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Style Your Thanksgiving With The Latest In Entertaining

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(NC) - There's no question that Thanksgiving is a much-loved tradition, but even traditions can be updated. Taking his cue from trends in food and entertaining, designer Karl Lohnes gives his must-haves for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Make a Butterball Stuffed Whole Turkey. "Convenient meals that can be cooked from frozen are very popular right now," says Lohnes. "And Butterball turkeys are a Thanksgiving classic. I make one every year - you can't go wrong with it."

Display food with flair. Adorn the turkey platter with sage leaves and champagne grapes and mini gourds for an impressive presentation.

Choose bright colours. Dress your table in vibrant red hues, from cherry to persimmon to inject colour in the room. Add crisp white or stark black accents for the perfect complement.

Add a new twist to an old favorite. Don't be afraid to experiment with exotic spices during the holidays. Cinnamon and curry powders complement each other nicely and tandori and dill paired together delight taste buds.

Arrangements don't have to be expensive or boring - colourful fall leaves and red dogwood branches can spice up the colour on any table; or put a single flower in a tiny juice glass and place beside each guest's plate for a scattering of flowers around the table.

Entertain your parents. Instead of going to Mom's for the traditional family dinner, invite mom and dad to your place. Shake up the dinner table by mixing fine china with the trendiest colored glassware and funky napkins. "Your biggest worry will be who sits at the head of the table," says Lohnes.

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