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How About Them Apples?

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(NC) - During harvest time, apples are abundant and we are reminded that they are a perennial favourite. Beyond this popularity, apples contain anti-oxidants with health-related benefits that make apples an important part of everyone's diet.

For more than 8,500 years apples have been grown around the world, and they have become part of modern folklore capturing imaginations with a variety of legends. Here is a look at some modern myths and the apple truths behind them.

Myth: William Tell shot an apple off the head of his son on a dare.

Truth: As the Swiss legend goes, Tell refused to acknowledge the power of a local tyrant. As punishment for his defiance, the hands of Tell's son were tied behind his back and Tell was challenged to shoot an apple off his head. If he failed, both Tell and his son would be killed. His first shot removed the apple from the boy's head, and both were set free.

Myth: Being hit on the head by a falling apple inspired Sir Isaac Newton to develop the theory of gravity.

Truth: It is believed that in fact watching a falling apple, not being hit on the head by one, inspired Newton. This led Newton to the conclusion: the apple accelerated in its fall. There must be a force acting on the apple to cause acceleration. From there, Newton developed his law of "gravity" and the associated concept of "acceleration due to gravity".

Myth: Johnny Appleseed was an American who traveled the country barefoot planting apple seeds along the way.

Truth: Born in Massachusetts in 1774, Johnny Appleseed's real name was John Chapman. He loved the taste of apples, studied their cultivation and started several apple nurseries stretching from the Allegheny River to Ohio. His enthusiasm for apples earned him his legendary nickname.

Today, apples are still widely enjoyed. Beyond being simply tasty, we now know that apples are a source of Vitamin C, dietary fiber and anti-oxidants. Looking beyond the fresh produce section, shoppers searching for variety often reach for apple-based products like Sun-Rype Fruit to Go and Energy to Go bars, apple sauce, or 100% Pure Blue Label Apple Juice as a different way to enjoy the nutrition and traditional taste of apples.

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