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Time Saving Chicken Ideas

Contributed by: Virginia Farrell

This technique may not be new, but tried and true can save you money and lots of time as well!

Buy whole chickens and cut them up into serving pieces while raw. As you go along, pull the skin off (as it holds most of the fat). Cut the wings off the body first, then cut the little wing drumstick away from the rest of the wing.

Have a slow cooker/grill heated, wash the drumstick thoroughly and place it in the cooker with a little Crisco oil. Do the same with the second wing, then cut the legs and thighs off the body. Pull the skins off those portions, leave thigh attached to drumstick or detach (your preference). Place those pieces in the cooker.

Use fresh herbs to season and a little salt and pepper if you choose. Separate the breast from the back section.

This is where the saving aspect comes in.

Wrap the breast in at least 2 thicknesses of plastic wrap, then wrap the package with a double piece of Sunday (or any other day, as a matter of fact) Newspaper*. Roll tightly until all the paper is wrapped around the breast. Secure with a rubber band, label with content, and date. Pop in the freezer for later use. Also do the back and the wing pieces but keep them separate for soup using the same method with plastic wrap and newspaper.

Time Saved:

You have three meals ready for two with one chop of your knife. 1 chicken at .39 lb. equals 3 meals from the thigh and leg portion, 2 meals from the breast and soup for 2 for about $2.50 for main entree.

For The Soup:

When vegetables are left over from a meal place them in a covered plastic container. to be used with the soup parts of the chicken. (No extra cost, except for a little chicken broth.)

Money Saved:

Buy whole chickens by the pound rather than buying the chicken breasts at their higher price.

Need A Lot:

Buy two chickens and cut them as suggested. You will have 6 meals with the legs and thighs, 4 meals with the breasts and enough soup for 6 people.

The use of newspapers rather than freezer wrap is free for the taking and works just as good if not better. Eventually the freezer wrap or newspapers will be thrown away anyway, so why not have a free go of it?

Editor's Note: The use of newspapers directly next to the food is not considered a good idea by some medical professionals as the ink and dirt could transfer to your food. Please don't forget to use the freezer wrap.

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