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10 Pickle Pointers

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*Cause Grills Just Wanna Have Fun!

  1. Try pickles warm. Place Bick's Dills or Banana Peppers directly on the grill, turning once, just until warm.

  2. Use pickle juice in place of vinegar in marinades and salad dressings.

  3. Reuse pickle jars as containers for salad dressings, marinades and barbecue sauces.

  4. Add chopped pickles to your favourite salads and sandwiches for added crunch and flavour.

  5. Pickles make great dippers along with a variety of fresh vegetables.

  6. Save the tears and substitute Bick's Onion Relish for onion.

  7. Tomato Relish + regular or no-fat mayonnaise = super-fast 1000 island dressing.

  8. Slice pickles or use Bick's Sandwich Savers on burgers.

  9. Mix regular or no-fat sour cream with Bick's Dill Relish for low-cal dip.

  10. Take the edge off your hunger with a crunchy Dill Pickle as the BBQ warms up.

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