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Dessert Tips That Are Tough To Top

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Squeeze More Fun Into Your Summer Treat

(NAPSA) - When it comes to creating memorable desserts, presentation can count for a lot.

Dessert Tips That Are Tough To Top
Now you can toss out the towels and not worry about the mess when creating the perfect dessert for summer. The sticky syrup bottle may now be a thing of the past thanks to the new Nesquik syrup bottle featuring a convenient, upside-down design and "no-drip" cap that will be fun for the whole family.

Not just for your milk anymore, Nesquik Syrup can be drizzled on a plate for a festive look or it can add flavor to your favorite summertime treat. To dress up your next summer dessert, here are a few more tips:

  • Personalize it! Kids love to see a special note or their name on a plate. Whether it's a birthday message or simply their name, personalizing the plate will make the dessert especially memorable!

  • Get your creative juices flowing! Whether you decide to add lots of dots or snazzy shapes, don't be afraid to try something new! A favorite design is the swirl. Simply start in the center of the plate and spiral the syrup out to the edge. This will make for an extra scrumptious treat!

  • Accessorize! Spice things up by adding other treats to the plate. Sprinkling colored sugar, chocolate chips, gummy bears and powdered sugar are sure to add that extra sparkle to the plate.

  • Mix it up! Add a little color by combining Nesquik Chocolate and Strawberry Syrup. This will make for an outrageous addition to your eye-popping, lip-smacking dessert.

  • Top it off! Nesquik Syrup also can be used to top off a delicious dessert. Whether you decorate a pie or a special cake, creating a special top for a dessert can be a great surprise!

  • No need for clean up! Now, with the new and improved Nesquik "no-drip" cap, moms can toss out the towels and not worry about the mess. Plenty of plate decorating fun will be had by all!

Available in a convenient 22 oz. size and in two popular flavors, chocolate and strawberry, Nesquik Syrup continually has provided fun and enjoyment for moms and kids alike.

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