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Barbecue Tips To Make Your Summer Sizzle

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(NC) - From Victoria to St. John's - nothing epitomizes a Canadian summer more than the backyard barbecue. With the warm weather finally here, it's the perfect time to fire up the barbecue and start planning those outdoor meals with family and friends. This summer, Diana Sauce and Diana's Marinade offer some tips for making mouthwatering, delicious summer barbecue favourites for your guests.

Must-Have Marinades for Easy to Prepare Recipes

Whole meats can be soaked in almost any sauce prior to grilling to add a little bit of taste, but it takes a marinade, with the proper blend of acids, oil and flavour balanced just so, to penetrate right through the meat, tenderizing and evenly adding flavour. Best of all, with a variety of flavourful bottled marinades on the market, preparation time is reduced to a three easy steps - simply pour the marinade over pierced meat, fish or vegetables; refrigerate; and then grill, bake or broil.

Follow these guidelines for excellent results when marinating foods for the barbecue:

  • Red meats, poultry and pork must marinate for thirty minutes, but overnight is best.

  • Whole fish should never be marinated for over an hour, and salmon is best soaked for only 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Vegetables and mushrooms are grown to be marinated - 30 minutes to one hour maximum.

Add a Kick to Your Favourite Summer Party Foods

On the barbecue, as a dipping sauce or as that special ingredient in a homemade salad dressing, these sauces are so versatile, the possibilities are endless. Follow these tips for quick, easy and savoury new dishes using a bottled barbecue sauce in any flavour:

  • For a more exotic pizza, use one-quarter cup of barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce.

  • Mix one-cup of prepared mayonnaise with two tablespoons of any flavour of barbecue sauce for a delicious spread for sandwiches or wraps, a base for tuna or chicken salad or as a dip for your favourite appetizer.

  • Combine one-pound of softened butter with a half-cup of bottled barbecue sauce for a mouthwatering flavoured butter that can be served with corn on the cob, as a topping for grilled fish, on baked potatoes or over steamed vegetables.

Hosting a barbecue includes a multitude of tasks. Between bartending, cooking and conversing with friends, even seasoned hosts need ideas that give them the time to enjoy the occasion.

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