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Vanilla Ice Cream

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(NC) - It seems like a new ice cream flavour is invented everyday, from green tea to lavender. It makes you wonder what ever happened to good old-fashioned vanilla.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Well, the answer is simple. Vanilla is still here and getting better! In fact, last year, vanilla flavour accounted for over 31 per cent of total ice cream sales in Canada*. Despite all the wonderful ice cream flavour choices available, an overwhelming majority of Canadians say, "Make mine vanilla!"

"There's no such thing as plain vanilla as it's really quite a complex flavour," said Karin Moorhouse, Nestle Canada. "Much like grapes, vanilla flavour is greatly affected by the climate and location where it is grown."

As Canadian consumers' tastes for these complex flavours evolve, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream has responded by offering a choice of three unique vanilla experiences including: Natural Vanilla - with real ground vanilla bean; French Vanilla - a rich custard vanilla; and the brand's signature vanilla flavour, Creamy Vanilla Flake - white chocolate flakes in a creamy, fresh vanilla ice cream. For those preferring a lower fat option, there is a Light Vanilla with 45% less fat.

Interesting Vanilla Facts

  • There are about 150 varieties of vanilla worldwide.

  • Vanilla is a native plant to the Americas, but Madagascar and Indonesia now produce the majority of the world's supply.

  • The Aztecs considered vanilla to be an aphrodisiac and referred to it as "tlilxochtl" meaning black flower.

  • Vanilla is the world's most labour-intensive agricultural crop. It takes up to three years after vines are planted before the first flowers appear. The fruits, which resemble big green beans, must then remain on the vine for nine months to completely develop their signature aroma.

Next time you're thinking about enjoying a scoop of ice cream, try a 'not-so-plain' vanilla from Nestle Real Dairy.

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