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Avoid Summer Weight-Loss Danger Zones

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Avoid Summer Weight-Loss Danger Zone
(NC) - Summer is full of fun things to do: amusement parks, ball games, picnics, to name a few. But when you're working toward a weight goal, summertime fun can suddenly seem scary. After all, in many ways the fun part of hot weather's weight-loss danger zones is the food: Cotton candy, hot dogs, and poutine.

"But the fact that you're watching your weight doesn't mean you have to stay home," according to "With a little planning, you can enjoy summertime traditions without feeling guilty."

Try these before-you-go steps and summertime events can be on your calendar again, guilt-free:

  1. Pack snacks. If you bring healthy snacks with you, you will have the types of food on hand that you would choose to have, so you aren't forced to leave it to chance.

  2. Prepare your mind. After a lifetime of indulging in the types of foods you're now trying to limit, it can be hard to say no. Prepare mentally for the challenge before you hit the hot spot.

  3. Pick Wisely. Figure out the nutritional value of favourite foods ahead of time - that way, you can make wise choices when you're there.

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