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Healthy Eating On The Road

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(NC) - Canadians love hitting the road during the summer.
Healthy Eating On The Road
But chowing down en route usually means: fast food, vending machines and service stations. According to, Canadians can detour from the food joints without kissing their healthy eating habits goodbye. Here's how:

Pack Your Bags

Always keep the following essentials in the car:

  • A water bottle. Staying hydrated is especially critical for the driver.

  • Fat-free or reduced-fat crackers. Whole-grain-based foods supply you with a nice, steady source of energy.

At the Road Stop

Most stops offer the typical fast-foods options: burgers, fried chicken, or maybe pizza. No matter where you end up, keep portion sizes, and fat and sugar levels, to a minimum.


  • Convenience store fare. Yogurt and a banana is an easy, healthy choice.

  • Muffins vs. bagels. Most muffins are so heavy on the fat and sugar. Stick with a whole-wheat or oat-bran bagel.

Lunch and Dinner

  • Burgers. Stick with a plain, small burger or cheeseburger. Forget the quarter-pounders, and don't even think about the half-pounders!

  • Pizza. Vegetable toppings are best, the more the better. Meat toppings are not a good bet. Since pizza is fatty, stick to one slice.

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