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Simple Ways To Streamline Your Salad

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Simple Ways To Streamline Your Salad
(NC) - According to the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, nearly 1-in-4 restaurant meals Canadians eat include a salad, proving Canadians love their greens. But you have to be wary of salad bars and store-bought items because they can be deceiving.

Below are tips from on what to look out for when examining your salad options.

Grilled Veggies

Be wary of: These delicious greens are often drenched in oil.

Instead: Go for fresh or steamed produce instead.


Be wary of: Although high in mono unsaturated fat which experts call the "good fat," too much avocado can add calories quickly!

Go for: Dice it up into small cubes and try the "less is more" strategy.


Be wary of: Although nutritious and delicious, nuts are also high in fat!

Go for: When sprinkling on the sunflower seeds, be mindful of portion control. The recommended serving is 1 tbsp. when added to your salad.

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