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A Taste Of Italy In Your Own Kitchen

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(NAPSA) - America is known as a melting pot-a place where different cultures converge, taking with them their customs, beliefs, and most enjoyably, their food. Long a leader in bringing Italian culinary style and flavor to American kitchens and taste buds, one company is importing more of the flavors of Italy to the U.S. with the manufacture of the Retro Panini Grill and pump-driven espresso maker.

A Taste Of Italy In Your Own Kitchen
The panini sandwich is an Italian specialty, created accidentally when Nunzio Panini placed grilled eggplant and fresh goat cheese between two slices of warm foccacia bread and instantly discovered a delicious new delicacy. More than 100 years later, this traditional Italian favorite has now shifted from largely unknown to widely available, and DeLonghi's Retro Panini Grill makes it possible to prepare this Italian classic, as well as a range of American favorites, in the comfort of your own home.

A stainless steel beauty, the grill operates on a height-adjustable hinge system, grilling panini sandwiches and food on both sides and thus decreasing cooking time. A complementary oil and grease drain ensures healthy cooking, and the non-stick cooking plates reduce clean-up time to minutes. Best of all, the compact grill has a cord wrap and stands upright for convenient storage.

And what better way to finish off a meal than with an aromatic cup of Italian espresso? The pump-driven DeLonghi espresso maker, with exclusive cappuccino system frother and patented pod and sempre crema filter holders, helps create a perfect cup of Italy, right here in America.

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