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Take The Stress Out Of Choosing New China

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Royal Doulton Touch (NC) - One look in a china specialist or department store these days can be a bit overwhelming!
Take The Stress Out Of Choosing New China
The wide variety of colours and styles in tableware can make your head spin. Fashion and home furnishings are always evolving in answer to our changing lifestyles and tableware is no exception. Todays tableware manufacturers are introducing new designs that mirror these changes. In order to take the stress out of choosing new tableware the experts at Royal Doulton suggest the following when selecting china that will be enjoyed for several years:

  • Use the services of a registry consultant (their knowledge of trends can help narrow the choice)

  • Decide if your new china is strictly for everyday use or will you use it for casual entertaining as well.

  • Choose shapes and designs that work with your home furnishings and lifestyle.

  • Look for designs that will enhance food presentation not overwhelm it.

  • Choose items that are multi-functional as cupboard space is often at a premium. Luncheon plates can serve appetizers, desserts or buffet meals. A rim sou` performs extra duty for pasta or salad.

Once you have picked the perfect pattern, don't keep it stored away for only those once a year events - good quality tableware can make even the simplest meal a special occasion!

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