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Wedding Cake Traditions

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(NAPSA) - There are few ceremonies in our culture as steeped in tradition as weddings.

Dearly Beloved (Downsized)
Take for example the wedding cake. This familiar emblem of the wedding banquet dates back to Roman celebrations. Today, couples have adapted this tradition to reflect their personal style, creating lasting memories of their special day. However, despite a common tradition of saving the crown layer of cake for the first anniversary, after the wedding there is little left to save and treasure.

A popular solution is a cake topper. Originally, a simple decorative piece, the cake topper has become an intricate feature. Collectibles like the M.I. Hummel Dearly Beloved piece are an inspiring way to combine tradition and lasting memories for years to come. Plus, a cake topper can become a tradition in itself. Families can save these cherished pieces, share them at family celebrations and pass them down to children to use at their weddings.

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