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Kid-Easy Treats

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Thaw-and-serve pies can serve as the basis for a variety of fun, kid-friendly desserts.

Kid-Easy Treats
(NAPSA) - Fast, fun and yummy. Here's a trio of kid-friendly treats from Mrs. Smith's Bakeries. Each starts with a Mrs. Smith's Cream Pie (Oreo, Moose Tracks, Chocolate Chip Delight or Caramel Caribou). Add a few additional ingredients and the fun begins.

To create Pie-Scream Sandwiches, mix a softened pie and crust together. Use mixture as filling between soft chocolate or vanilla cookies (3" to 4" diameter) and decorate with icing, candy corn, gummy worms, etc.

For Jack-O-Lantern Ice Cream Cones, bake a Pumpkin Pie according to package directions and let cool. Then mix pie (crust and all) with 1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream and refreeze. To serve, scoop into ice cream cones and create jack-o'-lantern faces using candy corn and string licorice.

Lastly, whip up Pie-sicles by scooping a thawed pie into paper cups lined with plastic wrap. Insert popsicle sticks and refreeze.

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