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Get Green This Winter

Contributed by: NAPSA

(NAPSA) - As the weather cools and the flu and cold season kicks into high gear, many Americans will turn to green tea as a natural method of relief. The popularity of this beverage has reached an all-time high due to the recent findings regarding its health benefits.

Through March 2004, world-renowned tea expert James Norwood Pratt will be conducting free "tea party" seminars at health clubs to present all the facts about green tea as part of the Salada Green Tea Tour. He offers these five tips for perfectly brewed green tea:

  1. Start with good water. A water filter will remove chlorine and some impurities from tap water.

  2. Use at temperature below boiling. Boiling water spoils green tea, which requires water at least 30 degrees cooler, approximately 170 to 185 degrees.

  3. Use right amount of tea. One teabag or teaspoon (approximately three grams) per five-ounce cup of water for full flavor.

  4. Avoid over-steeping. Steep green tea for three minutes at the most, preferably two minutes. For lighter flavor use shorter steeping time.

  5. Drink five cups daily, for optimal health benefits.

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